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Welcome to WAKETHETIME! I’m Shane and you might wanna know a little bit about me -single author- and my blog. So here are a little details about me:

Name : Shahmie Shane

Hometown : Kelantan State, Malaysia

Age: 22 years old ( my face looks younger, right?)

I’m still a student – Bachelor of Economic and Banking – and currently studying in Irbid, Jordan for the final year and will be graduated on May 2015. Pray for me.

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bloggingHistory of blogging

I started blogging since February 2011 when I finished my high school. My previous blog is fasyshane.com and I still continue blogging it but not more about my personal. It is in Malay Language (not English) and somehow it’s doesn’t make sense to me when I want to write about personal or travelogue in that language. So I decided to move on into a new blog. A new fresh one. But I still love fasyshane as it was my baby when I start blogging. And the story of how the ideas of wakethetime can be read here.

Why I do blog

I do blog because I love reading blog. Although I don’t read books nor novel. I love general knowledge and I learnt a lot from the infos and experience that people wrote. When I learnt something, I always share it with my friends. And somehow, I want to share to everyone. And here, I wrote the stuffs to give back to others too.

My blog right now majorly written about my personal life, lifestyle and some tutorials that I learnt. But I really had in my mind about what it will be in the future and it basically only can happen after I finish my degree. I want to share about events, activities and things that excite people to do things in their life. That’s the meaning of wakethetime – if you asked- and where it comes from. That’s my real goal when I create wakethetime.

History of myself

I spent most of my life in boarding school for 5 years and I learnt INDEPENDENCE from there. At 21, I already learnt a lot but there’s seem more to come.  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is always what kept me going. And two things that came best about my personality are CREATIVE and MULTITASKER.

Creativity had been part of my life since the childhood. I used to spend my times doing crafts for my note books and my school works. I am also a creative thinker. It just applied in my daily life and the best of it was in 2010 that  my team and I won The Best Company beating other 32 schools. And at that time, I was kind of the mastermind – not the leader.

Multitasker – Planning and organizing had been my best traits that can put me on top of others. I learnt a lot from internet and try to get better and better. That’s why both of it kind of complement with creativity and I already had a list of what I want to be based on these criteria.

I’ve been travelling to England once though right now I’m keeping the money for my future. Here are all the travelogue that I wrote to myself and for everyone to read. It is more than 15+ posts – if you don’t mind to read. I named it Oreo Trip Season 1 – might be another season of travelling soon!

Oreo Trip Season 1 Day 1-12 (my other blog – Malay Language)

Oreo Trip Season 1 Day 13-15 (this blog – English Language)

There’ll be more posts will be written and shared here and I’m excited to continue this journey for the rest of my life.

I hope this blog can give something to you to learn as I learn from blogs too. You can learn how to follow my blog here. Feel free to leave any questions and comment if you wanna know more about me.

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